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The only two controls on the meter are ZERO and SPM/BPM.


ZERO – This button is used to zero the values in the display totals of each meter type. This button is also used to enter calibration and decrease the stroke value during



SPM/BPM – This button is used to switch between meter types. This button is also used to increase the stroke value during calibration.


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Retail 1312.00

Counter only. Add pump package.

Single Pump Stroke and Barrel Counter



The 5700-1BPM is a specialty stroke counter designed for Snubbing companies and other small testing applications like truck rigs and pressure testing.


Model 5700-1BPM is a 1 pump stroke counter that can also monitor fluid per minute. It has 2 modes, SP mode for showing total strokes and rate per minute and BP mode that shows total barrels and barrels per minute. The unit can be calibrated for "strokes per barrel". Zero button to zero total strokes. Set BPM button used to calibrate and toggle between modes. Can be used for barrels, gallons, liters, etc.


Please specify fluid type; barrels, gallons, liters, etc  for the faceplate when ordering.

5700-1GPM with total gallons and gallons/minute faceplate.


BPM = Barrels/minute


GPM = Gallons/minute


LPM = Liters/minute


Specify fluid type when ordering.