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Model 5700-1RC

Retail 1100.00

Counter only. Add pump package.



The 5700-1RC ratio counter has a ratio span from 1:1 to 100:1. On a application where it takes 3 turns of a shaft or wheel to one stroke now can be set and a stroke will display every 3 turns along with SPM. SPM will track the ratio setting. For 60 RPM 1:1 displays 60, 2:1 displays 30 RPM, 3:1 displays 15RPM and so on.


Used for Shaft Pickup when the pump piston cannot be used. Ratio is set for the number of shaft turns for 1 pump stroke. This high speed counter has max shaft RPM of 2400. SPM updates every 15 seconds.


Simple calibration allows you to set the ratio using up/down buttons from 1.0 to 100.0. To calibrate the unit, press and hold both ZERO and CAL buttons. (CAL-) will show on the top display and the ratio value in the bottom. Release both buttons once you see CAL-. Press the up or down buttons to set the count ratio value and wait. After 10 seconds of no button pushed the unit will exit and save the ratio value then return to counting. Calibration is complete. The value is stored and will remain unless changed.


Can be used on those pressure washer type test pumps with a collar on shaft and the new MAGSENS sensor.


Mounting Holes (W 4 3/8" x H 6 3/8") (111.125 x 161.925)