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I now have high speed counters that can be used on pressure washer style test pumps or any shaft driven pump up to 2400 RPM. Shown below 5700-1RC. Contact me for details... 


First to have pressure type sensors for air driven pumps for strokes...



Stroke counters for all your equipment needs including;

  • Mud Pumps
  • Cement Pumps
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Testing "diesel and air driven pumps"
  • All air driven pumps with exhaust ports
  • Choke Control Panels
  • Snubbing Panels
  • Displays rate and total strokes for each pump
  • Specialty counters also display barrels or gallons/minute


If you have a application you can't find a counter for, contact me.  Updated 3/4/2020



5700 Series Specifications:



Embedded CPU [PIC12F683] ESD Protected Humiseal 1b31 protected

Large 1" x 2 1⁄2" LCD Displays

Auto Power On/Off

Auto Shutdown (Sleep Mode-after 5 minutes of no stroke unit will sleep) Push Button Reset Pump Strokes

Auto Clear SPM

Independent Pump Circuits

20ua Draw (Sleep Mode)

SPM ( 6 - 500 )

SPM ( 6 - 2500 ) HIGH SPEED

Count ( 0 - 9999 ) "rolls over to 0"

Input (Switch Dry Contact) or (TTL)

Operating Temperature (-10°C ~ 60°C)

No calibration needed for standard counters (barrel counters have calibration)



Long Life Lithium/Duracell Batteries (4-AA)

Option DC (9-30vdc) for 12dc systems (truck rigs, pressure testing skids)



Stainless Steel Case (Nema 4x, IP65) by design. Standard 3-pin Plug (1&2 Pump) (3 Pump 4 pin) O-Ring sealed switch boots

Durable 1⁄4" Lexan Window

Durable gasket seal



Built to Intrinsically Safe Design (Class 1, Division 1, Group A, B, C and D) Switch Voltage <7vdc, Switch Current .7ma

ECCN #EAR99, Schedule B #9029.10.8000

HS 84139190


Each pump section monitors the total strokes and strokes per minute (SPM). Each counter section has 1 micro controller, pic12f683 and 2 LCD display drivers PCF8577cp for each pump displayed. Compare this to other digital types that may have up to 20 or more parts needed to perform the same functions.

After 5 minutes of inactivity the pump section will go to standby. The count is held in memory, even during standby. As soon as the counter detects a stroke the LCD’s will power up and the count and strokes per minute will resume. The rate display is updated with every stroke. This saves battery life. Our rate meter uses 4 AA lithium/Duracell batteries and allows you to replace them in the field saving you expensive replacement battery pack cost and down time.


Ready to serve you 24hrs a day. Units in stock! Normally ships next day.


If you have any questions contact me anytime.