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All repairs are to be shipped to:


TW Specialty LLC

5010 Bayouside Drive

Chauvin, LA 70344 USA


Quality is built into every counter. Unit repairs by year is listed for your reference showing longevity and performance in the field.


There is no other authorized service/repair center. Any repairs done by an unauthorized person/company will void the warranty.


Please include the problem with the counter and any reference numbers on the unit.


Make sure the counter is clean and free from mud and grease.


If the unit is under warranty, you will only be charged for shipping and handling.


If the unit is out of warranty I will send you a quote on repairs if requested.


If you have any questions contact me from the contact page.


You will need an RMA form to fill out before sending the unit in for repair. Download HERE.

Complete Stroke Counter Replacment Assembly


I now offer for international buyers complete PCB assemblies for all 5700 stroke counters. These assemblies are complete and only bave to be installed in the box. The assembly includes: Lexan, Switches and Boots, PCB, Battery Holder and wiring is complete. Read More.....